“I’m pregnant and I feel glorious, confused, excited, depressed . . .”

There are endless situations and emotional states women encounter when they find out they are pregnant. For some, joyous tears abound, as this long anticipated and attempted dream finally becomes a reality. Others feel as if an unwanted guest has invaded their body without permission. Some go numb, ignore the situation, or seek to change the situation. Others are not sure whether to elate or deflate. No matter what one’s initial reaction, at some point, most pregnant women find themselves on a wild roller coaster ride of anxiety, joy, sleeplessness, moodiness, camaraderie, isolation, cravings, nausea, bloating, weight gain, back pain, excitement, frustration, perfectionism, fears, tears, nightmares and more… all while the appetite is growing, the hormones are flowing, the body is exploding, and the skin seems to be glowing. “What is going on?!”


Help Begins Here

If you find yourself confused, overwhelmed, needing to clear your head or just wanting to prepare for the huge life change that’s about to come, prenatal sessions can help. We’ll sort through your questions and conflicting or troubling emotions now, so you can be your best self in the near future. I offer individual sessions or you can join one of my prenatal support groups if there is one beginning at that time. I’m here to help in whichever ways work best for you.

New Motherhood

“How come no one ever told me about. . . ?”

Some experience this is a glorious time of bonding, with ample support from family members and welcome visits from good friends. Others feel completely isolated, depressed, anxious and disconnected from what was supposed to be their “bundle of joy.” Many find themselves floating back and forth on this continuum. No matter how great one’s support system, once faced with a newborn’s crying, erratic sleeping patterns, feeding schedules, diaper changes, rashes, and illnesses… at some point, most new mothers feel utterly exhausted and overwhelmed. When you add to this one’s own struggles with breastfeeding, pumping, pregnancy weight gain and changing family dynamics… even the most confident mom can end up feeling insecure, stressed out and lost. For some, these feeling may go even further and lead to severe anxiety, scary thoughts and postpartum depression.


Help Begins Here

No matter where you find yourself on this continuum, almost all new moms could use a neutral, supportive place to talk about what they are going through. If you’d like to meet with me, you can come for just a few sessions or for a longer period of time. You may come with your baby or on your own. We can meet for individual sessions or with other new moms if there’s a group beginning at that time. I’m here to help in whichever ways work best for you.

"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters You"