Support for Couples

Premarital Couples

you are thinking about taking the plunge into married life, premarital sessions can help you make it a blissful one. It’s important to make sure you’re not projecting feelings or expectations onto your partner which are not really there. These sessions can help guide you through difficult discussions and illuminate issues you may not have realized needed to be worked through. Make sure you understand and appreciate who you’re moving forward with and that he or she really understands and appreciates you. It’s helpful to examine unresolved issues from your current and prior relationship(s) as well as from your family of origin before you marry so you have the best chance of a successful union.


New Parents

You love your baby but you feel your head is about to explode! There’s so much that can come up for new parents. “This isn’t what I thought it would be. “ “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how hard this is?” “How come it seems so easy for everyone else?” The unanticipated is suddenly the norm and it often leaves new parents in a head spinning fog. Stress, exhaustion, overwhelm, confusion, forgetfulness and worries abound. Sleep is more coveted than food or water. Relationships frequently become strained as couples argue over the “right” way” to do everything for the newest member of the house. You barely have energy to watch t.v. let alone spruce up for date night. If any of this sounds familiar, parenting sessions may be able to help you get a handle on your new role and begin to feel some sense of control and sanity. I’m here to help with whatever is coming up for you

3rd Party Assisted Intended Parents

I offer support sessions for the intended parents from the beginning of the surrogate’s assisted cycle(s) through the prenatal months until postpartum. These sessions are highly recommended as they can help smooth out any unanticipated bumps in the road either between parents and their third party carrier or between the parents themselves. These sessions can be an enormous support to parents who are sorting through feelings about such things as future discussions with their child regarding his or her birth, his or her genetics and the role of donor or surrogate. The goal of the sessions is to aid in their communication with the surrogate, if necessary, and to help parents have the most healthy, positive, rewarding experience possible.


Support Groups & Dyads


Sometimes it helps to be in the presence of others who are emotionally where you are. I offer support groups of three to seven individuals for those who feel their process could benefit from this type of camaraderie and encouragement. For those who prefer a non-group setting, I also offer dyads. In dyads, two people facing a similar struggle meet with me together for their sessions. Groupings and pairings are made based on how I understand each individual’s concerns and goals.

Fertility Issues, Miscarriage & Reproductive Trauma

Group Support & Dyads can help you process the magnitude of emotions around of what’s happened and examine your future options. The women’s corner is a safe place to discuss any issues that are coming up for you in any area of your life.




Group Support & Dyads can help with any life challenges, concerns, fears, disturbing thoughts, questions, anxieties or feelings of depression that come up during your pregnancy so you can be your best self when baby arrives.



New Motherhood

Group Support & Dyads can help you find your footing in this completely new world. We’ll discuss tips & strategies for new moms, supermom syndrome, baby blues, postpartum, anxiety, depression, exhaustion…and anything else that’s coming up for you.




"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters You"